How to Write Great Natural Atlas Pages

Natural Atlas is much like Wikipedia, but easier, tuned just for the outdoors, and there's a map. It’s a community-driven effort to catalog all of what makes nature great. Locals have the best knowledge of their region — which is why Natural Atlas is open for anyone to edit, and also why we need your help.

Get Inspired

Great pages don't need to be wordy. Even the smallest edit helps. Here are couple examples of what we think are good pages:

Find Something to Edit


A “blurb” is the subtitle for a feature. Try to make it unique and memorable. It generally shouldn’t be a full sentence. The editor will automatically title-case it for you when you leave the field — so don’t worry about what needs capitalized. Good: “Hike Old Ranch Land Without Leaving Bozeman”, “Spectacular 360° View of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone”, “America’s First National Park.” Bad: “Popular Campground”, “It is a…”.


To link to other features on Natural Atlas, type a # then start typing the title of the feature you want to link to. When it comes up, you can either click on the menu item or press Enter to insert it.


Adding Photos

Photos are really easy to add. If there’s not a photo section already, click the “Photos” button at the bottom of the editor. Then select the photo(s) you want to add, and that’s it! If there’s not already a photo section, click “Photos” to add a new one.

Adding Sections

P.S. Please refrain from pictures with people in them. We'd like to keep pages as pristine as possible (like nature). We'll be launching Trip Reports eventually – which is where we'd love those sorts of shots!

Setting a Photo License

When saving a page that has new images, a dialog pops up and will ask you about the license of the photos. If you took the photos, this is your chance to tell us how you want to allow other people to use your photos outside of Natural Atlas. The default is Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike — which basically says other people can use your photo however they like non-commercially, provided they give you credit for it. Important: If the photos are coming from elsewhere, please select the license the author gave them and give them credit.

Set License Dialog


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